OWC tasks

The Osmium World Council, being an independent group of different partners with expertise in the financial and jewellery markets, has set itself the task of being a trustworthy authority that clarifies all questions relating to the market launch of osmium.

The Osmium-world-council regularly and randomly checks the database of the Osmium Identification Code for consistency and correctness.

The most urgent tasks here are:

  1. Ensuring the international supply of osmium to jewellery manufacturers.

  2. Closing ranks with the associations in the precious metal segment and mining companies.

  3. Dissemination of expertise on osmium via the Internet and other media.

  4. Support of cientific platforms with osmium expertise.

  5. Avoidance of too fast and volatile changes in the osmium price. The goal: Osmium must remain affordable for every investor.


The Osmium World Council aims to always be the link between an investor and an end customer in the market. For this reason, an osmium index is being developed and preparations are being made to make osmium tradable as a security on the international stock exchanges.


Education and training

The Osmium-world-council trains in the following areas:

1.) Get to know the business and the partners

2.) Online Training

3.) Classroom training

4.) Precious metal consultant, expert, trader

5.) Training as a trainer


Internet pages on training

1.) www.osmium-training.com

2.) www.osmium-academy.com


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OWC tasks