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The OWC operates as a GmbH under the name Osmium-World-Council OWC GmbH, headquartered in Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany.  The "GmbH" (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) is a type of limited liability company in Germany. This business structure is similar to a "Limited Liability Company" (LLC) in the United States or a "Sociedade Limitada" (Ltda.) in Brazil. It maintains various boards to handle diverse tasks. It is led by a team of functionaries and its managing director Ingo Wolf. The president is elected for three-year terms by the national institute partners from among the regional managers. After two terms under the leadership of Ingo Wolf, Mr. Marcos Saito (São Paulo, Brazil) was elected as the new president on May 10, 2024.

The OWC elects a president every three years, who undertakes the representative duties of the council, conducts negotiations, and connects players in the global osmium market. The presidency can be held for up to three terms by the same person, even if the terms are not consecutive. The staff of the OWC and the legislative managing director work on a voluntary basis. Events and symposiums are facilitated by rotating partners. The operational execution of the symposiums is planned and carried out by the respective managing director.

The managing director conducts training for partners in the osmium market, also on behalf of the osmium institutes. This involves documentation and research as well as the creation of training materials, which are compensated by the osmium institutes.


Leadership of the Osmium World Council: President: The first elected president of the OWC took office on May 10, 2024. Upon the confirmation of the first elected president, Mr. Ingo Wolf will transition to a senior representative role and will retain the legislative management.

Directors are appointed and dismissed by the president. Their term of office is otherwise unlimited. Committees are established or dissolved by the director upon request from national institute partners.


Board of Directors:

  • Conducting public relations and information work
  • Supporting politics and associations
  • Setting rules for training and education
  • Setting rules for transport, insurance, and logistics
  • Negotiating with governments to establish customs regulations

With the support of our voluntary committee members, each chaired by a director seated on the "Board of Directors," we fulfill our primary mission of disseminating relevant information about crystalline osmium worldwide. Each member is distinguished by their special access to committees, associations, organizations, universities, or governments, ensuring information is directly addressed to recipients.


Benefits for Committee Members: Organizations and private individuals receive a range of benefits they can use free of charge through the osmium institutes. These benefits thank them for their support in the work of the Osmium-World-Council.


Free Benefits:

  • Use of the Osmium Analysis for analyzing alloys and jewelry using the LIBS method.
  • Preparation of expert reports in the field of osmium-related metallurgy.
  • Support in legal cases involving precious metal counterfeiting.
  • Access to the results of studies from the Osmium-World-Council and osmium institutes.
  • Licenses for the use of image and text material related to osmium.
  • Joint advertising campaigns that combine osmium with members' activities.
  • Support in press work through texts and images.
  • Provision of commission goods to the members of their organizations by the institutes.
  • Support at trade fairs and exhibitions.

The services are not unlimited as they are financed by the osmium institutes, but generally, all requests can be positively addressed.

How can you get involved in a committee? To participate in a committee, simple membership in the Osmium-World-Council is required. You need two recommendations and undergo a short check-up process. Membership in a committee is appointed by the director of the respective committee. The OWC committees play an important role in osmium lobbying worldwide.

Send us your application for committee work with a resume or your organization's website and a meaningful motivation letter. Once we understand what you expect from us, we can clearly state how we can support you on this path and how we can utilize your support.

Available Committees:

  • Committee of Industry Participants and Manufacturers
  • Committee of Financial Market Participants
  • Committee for the Support of Jewelers and Designers
  • Committee for Determining the Price of Crystalline Osmium, starting June 1, 2024
  • Committee for Public Relations and Information Work
  • Committee for Supporting Politics and Associations
  • Committee for Conducting the Annual Osmium Symposium
  • Committee for Monitoring ESG-M Guidelines and Data Protection

How to become a committee member? Committee members are appointed by the directors of the respective committees. Committee members apply for the respective office or are invited to take a position due to their suitability.

Tasks of the Committees: The tasks of the committees are assigned according to their area of activity, but some activities are identical across all committees. This includes planning annual work, organization, and administration:

  • Development and implementation of the committee's main topic.
  • Creation of a task and activity list for the current term of office.
  • Development and implementation of short, medium, and long-term strategies for the committee's topic.
  • Organization of regular meetings and work sessions (online and in-person meetings).
  • Documentation of ongoing meetings and work sessions.
  • Continuous reporting to the president and their spokesperson.
  • Participation in committee work sessions during OWC symposiums.
  • Participation in OWC symposiums and presentation of the past term.

1. Committee of Industry Participants and Manufacturers:

  • Development of training around osmium and its distribution.
  • Warning manufacturers and customers about harmful products.
  • Warning the public about potential fraud options.
  • Supporting the introduction of osmium into new industries.
  • Finding further applications for osmium in any form.
  • Feasibility studies for the use of osmium.
  • Supporting the establishment of supply contracts for semifinished products for manufacturers.
  • Awarding prizes for scientific work with osmium.

2. Committee of Financial Market Participants:

  • Monitoring new regulations in national financial supervision.
  • Informing the justice and finance ministers of each country operating with osmium.
  • Supporting the development and negotiation of customs agreements.
  • Creation of customs goods registers.
  • Training financial market participants about osmium.
  • Providing speakers at conferences and symposiums.

3. Committee for the Support of Jewelers and Designers:

  • Further development of processing guidelines for crystalline osmium.
  • Supporting the handling of OIC and OCC.
  • Providing speakers at conferences and meetings.
  • Supporting trade shows.
  • Assisting in obtaining commission goods for flagship projects.

4. Committee for Determining the Price of Crystalline Osmium, starting June 1, 2024:

  • Market research.
  • Calculation of stock quantities.
  • Price determination for crystalline osmium.

5. Committee for Public Relations and Information Work:

  • Collaboration with local osmium institutes' press agencies.
  • Topic selection and strategic placement.
  • Text editing and illustration.
  • Explanation of the overall strategy of osmium market introduction to press representatives.
  • Troubleshooting in case of problems.
  • Mediation of unclear situations.
  • Fighting fake news.

6. Committee for Supporting Politics and Associations in Osmium-related Topics:

  • Identifying politically motivated market participants.
  • Explaining osmium in the context of state reserves.
  • Participating in political summits.
  • Disseminating information to governments.
  • Advising finance ministers.

7. Committee for Conducting the Annual Osmium Symposium:

  • Creating an invitation list.
  • Booking speakers.
  • Creating a topic list in coordination with the Osmium Institute Germany.
  • Finding a conference venue.
  • Booking hotels and conference rooms.
  • Organization and event management.
  • Documentation via video and photography.

8. Committee for Monitoring ESG-M Guidelines and Data Protection:

  • Collaboration with osmium institute laboratories.
  • Document checks.
  • Reviewing the osmium market from the perspective of all market participants.
  • Participating in ESG studies.
  • Monitoring data protection in the world database.
  • Random checks for data conformity

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