Osmium symposium

The directors of the Osmium Institutes meet once a year under the eyes of the press. The first meeting took place in Singapore in 2019 to work on the latest topics on osmium.

The main objectives of the Osmium Symposium are:

  1. Comparison of new information and legislation in the international environment.
  2. The transfer of new versions of the processing directives to the industry.
  3. Revision of basic press information on osmium and its market.
  4. Risk assessment for investors and preparation of investor information documents.


The meeting took place from 7th to 9th of March, 2019. Leading heads of the Osmium World Trade developed strategies for cooperation with umbrella organizations and organizations around the other platinum metals.

On the agenda were the following points:

  1. Introduction of the Owner Change Code on the website www.osmium-identification-code.com
  2. Negotiations with customs authorities in over 20 countries of the world, presentation of the results and presentation of the new guidelines in international trade.
  3. Preparation of the boards for the expansion of the Osmium World Council in the following years
  4. Strategic placement of Osmium Diamonds in the sinking diamond market.

The topics were discussed in an amicable atmosphere and the start of the first year of basic customer information was initiated.

In brief, the following results were achieved:

  1. Priority dissemination of the site www.osmium-identification-code.com to avoid the attempt of counterfeiting of osmium.
  2. Customs agreements are to be concluded with all the world's leading nations for the period up to 2021.
  3. In 2019, a special training portal for customs authorities is to be set up with the aim of detecting osmium when crossing a border.
  4. International press work is to be homogenized through the Osmium World Council.
  5. The press review on the site www.osmium-world-council.com launches public.

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