Osmium symposium

Symposium 2021



Speakers of
Osmium-Institute Germany

Management, Director: Ingo Wolf
Management, Vice Director: Scarlett Clauss
Internet, Shop and Market Place: Michael Raupenstrauch
Academy Management: Vanessa Bachmann
Social Media: Nadine Nourney
Customs and Export: Jörg Saxler

Speakers of Osmium World Council (OWC)

Management, President: Michael Karl Gasser


Monday, 21.06.2021 – Conference Day 1:


 09:30 AM Vanessa Bachmann – Opening

• Welcoming of all participants
• Team introduction
• Presentation of the first day’s program


10:00 AM Ingo Wolf – Introduction from the Director (public live session)

• Company news
• Presentation of the topics of the symposium
• Osmium resources


11:00 AM Michael Raupenstrauch – New Features

• Presentation and function of the new download center


11:30 AM Scarlett Clauss – The Referrer Model

• The referrer model explained


11:45 AM Michael Karl Gasser –
Development of the OI Coin and money laundering law
(German Language)

• Explanation and purpose of the OI Coin
• Development and Sales of OI Coin
• Money laundering law


12:30 AM Lunch Break, sponsored by the
German Osmium-Institute


01:30 PM Scarlett Clauss – Presenting: Oslery GmbH

• Presentation of the Oslery GmbH
• Oslery’s tasks
• Referrer Model of Oslery


02:30 PM Michael Karl Gasser (German language) – Portfolio theory

• Part 1: Portfolio theory
• Part 2: Promotion of domains and use of Google
in associations


03:30 PM Coffee Break


04:00 PM Vanessa Bachmann – New State Institute Partner:
Where Do I Start?

• Onboarding process and first steps
• Public Relation strategy
• Train the Trainer Program


05:00 PM Ingo Wolf – Closing notes

• Wrap-up of the day



Tuesday, 22.06.2021 – Conference Day 2:


10:00 AM Ingo Wolf - Fraud and disruptive factors on the market

• Headwind and interference from foreign osmium products
on the market
• Strategies for problem cases
• How to interact with “raw osmium sellers”

11:00 AM Jörg Saxler (via Zoom) – News from the Customs Authority

• Customs and transport innovations


12:00 PM Lunch Break, sponsored by the
German Osmium-Institute


01:00 PM Free topics, led by Ingo Wolf

• Beginning with: a lecture on ancillary copyright law
and the use of names and material
• Please contact Vanessa until 12 PM with your
suggestion for a topic


02:00 PM Nadine Nourney - Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

• Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn: Osmium-Institute and Partners
• How To Guide: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

• Dealing with false statements about osmium on the net


02:30 PM Working Groups: Splitting up in teams working on different topics


04:30 PM Ingo Wolf – Future plans (public live session)

• Strategy and further development
• Sales goals
• Sale and resale, Marketplace
• Pros and cons of stock exchanges
• Global outlook


05:00 PM Ingo Wolf, Scarlett Clauss, Vanessa Bachmann

• Fishbowl Session
• Closing words
• Announcement symposium 2022


05:30 PM Group Picture


05:45 PM Explanation of the golf tournament for the following day



Outcomes of the symposium:

1. Money laundering and financial policy

Dubai is increasingly becoming a business hub like Singapore on the West-East axis. With a population of three million, the city is increasingly defying the desert.

The location is moving closer to the West in terms of its fiscal policy and tax neutrality using Western standards. 


During the delegates' discussions, which centred on the prevention of money laundering, it became clear that companies in the Middle East must act on their own responsibility and international connections must be well vetted before business is arranged. For the osmium market, from the protected environment of Europe, these are now crucial months in which the fight against money laundering must come first. For this is the only way to achieve sustainability in trade. With the Osmium World Database, the foundation stone has thus been laid. For customs authorities in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and many other countries have access to the data of the individual pieces when they cross the border.


The origin of money and the political exposure of individuals are just as much in focus as means of payment, means of exchange, inheritance and donation.

The aim of this year's symposium was to put a clear stop to this right from the start.

In case of suspicion of money laundering or concealment of the origin of funds, osmium purchases are reported to the tax authorities.


2. Quantity models around the extraction of osmium

In summary, it can be said that the presumed resources are somewhat higher than was assumed in the past. On the other hand, it also became clear that the recoverable reserves are lower than initially suspected.

A new resource estimate will therefore be released in the next few months, which will be available for consultation via the osmium institutes.

The figures will be more accurate than those quoted in the past, but there are still many factors that cannot prevent residual inaccuracy.


For example, no valid figures can be obtained from Russia or China, as they are considered state secrets. However, we also assume that these reserves only consist of small quantities and will not leave those countries.


The clear result is that osmium is and remains the rarest of the non-radioactive elements, the metals and the precious metals. No other element will take this position away from it.


The distribution of osmium in the earth's crust is interesting, because osmium is mined together with platinum from a depth of 0 to 5,000 metres. In principle, there are no osmium mines, because osmium is a by-product metal that can only be found in traces within platinum.

If these traces are not separated directly, they remain in the platinum atom by atom. As a result, the osmium that sees the light of day every year disappears forever in the platinum market. The amount of osmium mined in the western and African world is about one ton.


About half of the osmium goes into medical research as osmium tetroxide, but does not play a significant role there. It is easy to replace in all its medical applications.

The other half is used for university research or crystallised directly for use as tangible assets.


Osmium, and thus of course the platinum deposits, are subject to perpetual testing in terms of willingness and ability to mine. It is possible to mine down to a depth of 5 km. However, under extreme temperatures near the earth's mantle and extreme safety conditions. The technical challenges are enormous. So there must always be a platinum price that makes mining at the necessary depths along the narrow seams economically viable.


If electric cars or hydrogen cars conquer the world, platinum will no longer be needed in many areas. This will cause the price of platinum to fall and mining at great depths will no longer be affordable. The result will be an early end to supplies of raw osmium.

Thus, triggered by the declining platinum market, the theoretical construct of the "Osmium Big Bang" could come closer. But here, too, numbers were handled with caution at the symposium, because there are simply still too many unknowns in the equations.

The osmium market remains the most exciting among the precious metals. Indeed, there is a noticeable trend for gold and silver owners to part with the sideways-moving metals and seek security in osmium as a tangible asset.


3. Fight against the sale of melting beads and cubes

A small part of the osmium is also still sold to element collectors as melted beads or osmium cubes. This market must be stopped because osmium in this form has an open surface and is classified as toxic. Osmium Ínstitutes or their partners would never purchase such products as raw material to create crystalline osmium. Most importantly, of course, unlike crystalline osmium, they are also toxic. Investors who acquire these goods will be stuck with them forever, in addition to the health risk.


  1. 4. Portfolio theory

It was decided to create a website that calculates the use of osmium for one's own portfolio. On the site, one will be able to compare one's own investment model with a model using crystalline osmium..


  1. 5. Osmium-App

At the symposium, the new Osmium app was presented, which contains all the essential elements around prices and facts. It is now being checked for safety and use and will then be released to the masses.


Pictures 2021

Symposium 2020

2nd international Osmium Symposium - originally March 2020, Mauritius
Postponed to November 2020, Tenerife due to Covid-19 Pandemic


Original Plan:

Location: Hotel Constance Belle Mare Plage, Pointe de flacq,

Belle Mare, Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius

Date: Conference from 26th to 28th of November 2020


Final Plan: 


Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, Carretera General,

TF-47, Km 9, 38687 Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Speakers of Osmium-Institute Germany


Management, Director: Ingo Wolf
Management, Vice Director: Scarlett Clauss
Internet, shop and trading platform: Michael Raupenstrauch (via Zoom)
Design, Goldsmiths and Family Offices: Sarah Völk
Osmium in pension market, New form of communication: Iris Asenstorfer
Speakers of Osmium World Council (OWC)
Management, President: Michael Karl Gasser (via Zoom)


Friday, 27.11.2020 - Conference day:


8am, Welcoming all participants and Breakfast

9:00am, Ingo Wolf - New Certification  

•    New Keyence microscope and improved certification 
•    Entering into the databases 
•    Data accessible to the customer 
•    Recognition of individual pieces by algorithm  
•    Increased security


09:40am, Michael Raupenstrauch - Virtualization of the company and security of servers

•    ISO 9001 certification and its virtual illustration  
•    Accounting tools  
•    Automatic partner settlement and partner access 
•    Automatic notifications in sales network  
•    Security of the database and data structure 
•    Data protection and tracking  

10:00am Coffee break

10:15am, Sarah Voelk – Designers and Family Offices 

•    Designers as influencers and potential for contests 
•    Goldsmiths and osmium – New techniques  
•    Luxos GmbH for luxury investments – a new company to target the family offices

10:45am, Michael Karl Gasser – Money laundering and prevention of terrorism 

•    Money Laundering Law and the corresponding corporate activities 
•    Prevention of terrorism  

11:15am, Questions and Answers   

11:30am, Iris Asenstorfer – Osmium in Pension Funds 

•    How to target customers who are not online
•    Pensions then, pensions nowadays 
•    Investors of today, future pension receivers

12:00pm Lunch, sponsored by the German Osmium-Institute

1:00pm, Ingo Wolf – Virtualization of the shipping process 

•    Improved process through external shipping service provider  
•    Customs and address data preparation in the institutes  

1:30pm, Scarlett Clauss – New forms and semi-finished products 

•    Explanation of the term semi-finished product and the possibilities associated with it 
•    Exclusion of titanium rings  
•    New forms and separation into Oslery GmbH

1:45pm, Scarlett Clauss – Oslery GmbH and its tasks 

•    Tasks and expertise  
•    Price calculation and transparency
•    Commissioning for mediation  

2:15pm Afternoon coffee

2:45pm, Michael Raupenstrauch – Virtualization tool 

•    Presentation of the tool for virtualising the activities of all institutes  
•    Explanation of the use through the institute directors 
•    Osmium application and its fields of application

3:15pm, Discussion on suggestions 

3:45pm, Michael Karl Gasser – Osmium World Council  

•    Statement of the OWC's tasks and objectives  
•    Plans for 2021 
•    Membership of the committees  
•    4:30pm Discussions and individual conversation  
•    5:00pm End of the conference day  
•    8:00pm Get together at the hotel bar sponsored by the German Osmium-Institute

Operating activities Osmium-Institute Germany:  
Incoming orders and cash receipt: Scarlett Clauss and Margit Reith 
Ordering and purchasing: external, Eidex GmbH 
Incoming goods inspection: Ingo Wolf 
Certification: Maximilian George 
Accounting and treasury: Margit Reith 
Packaging and shipping: external, Eidex GmbH 
Customer satisfaction: Scarlett Clauss 
Forwarding agencies: external, Eidex GmbH

Platform support and development: Michael Raupenstrauch 
Pictures, video: Sarah Völk, Dominik Hartmann and Bernhard Fritz 
Osmium world council:     Michael Karl Gasser 
Translations:       Scarlett Clauss and State Institute Partners 
Websites and graphics:      Michael Raupenstrauch and Dominik Hartmann 
Texts and storytelling:      Ingo Wolf 
Online marketing strategy and training: Michael Karl Gasser and Nadine Nourney 
Press enquiries: Vanessa Slaski 
Face management: Scarlett Clauss 
Social Media Germany: Dominik Hartmann and Nadine Nourney 
Hotline: Scarlett Clauss, Ingo Wolf and Iris Asenstorfer
Special requests and disputes: Scarlett Clauss and Ingo Wolf

Internet shop support: Michael Raupenstrauch and Dominik Hartmann 
Telephone sale Inbound: Scarlett Clauss and Ingo Wolf 
Telephone sale Outbound and Callcenter: Scarlett Clauss and Maximilian George 
Batch sales: Ingo Wolf 
Special shapes processing: external, Oslery GmbH 
Customs and exports: Jörg Saxler and Stefan Schanderl

Events: Iris Asenstorfer and Sarah Völk 
Travel plans: Scarlett Clauss and Susanne Grube Reisekonzepte 
Exhibition planning: Sarah Völk and Ingo Wolf 
Downloadcentermanagement: Dominik Hartmann, Sarah Völk and Ingo Wolf

Technology and safety:  
Hardware and cybercenter: Michael Raupenstrauch  
VOIP: Scarlett Clauss and Emrah Özbinici, Vodaphone 
Mailserver support: Scarlett Clauss 
Security and safety of goods: Ingo Wolf 
Security-IT: Michael Raupenstrauch 
Insurance: Ingo Wolf 
Vehicle fleet: Margit Reith



Outcomes of the symposium:

  1. There will be a department in the Osmium Institutes to support special offers regarding jewellery in the future.

  2. IT security is massively improved by new providers in the security sector and remains one of the absolute goals of the institutes.

  3. The money laundering legislation is scanned internationally and prepared for display on the internet.

  4. Certification will always remain free of charge for existing customers who own osmium from the time before the institutes.

  5. The establishment of a multilingual train-the-trainer programme was decided upon.

The strategies for opening up new markets have been defined and given to the field of participants.

Pictures 2020

Symposium 2019

Once a year, the heads of the Osmium Institutes meet under the eyes of the press. The first meeting was held in Singapore in 2019 to discuss the latest topics on osmium.

The main objectives of the Osmium Symposia are:

   Comparison of new information and legislation in the international environment.
Passing on the latest versions of the processing guidelines to the industry.
Revision of basic press information on osmium and its market.
Assessment of risks for investors and preparation of investor information documents.

 The 2019 meeting took place from 7th to 9th March. Leaders of the osmium world trade developed strategies for cooperation with umbrella associations and organisations around the other platinum group metals.

The agenda included the following topics:

1.) Introduction of the Owner Change Code on the page www.osmium-identification-code.com

2.) Negotiation with customs authorities in over 20 countries around the world, presentation of the results and presentation of the new guidelines in international trade.

3.) Preparing the boards for the expansion of the Osmium World Council in the following years.

4.) Strategic placement of osmium diamonds in the declining diamond market.


The topics were discussed in a friendly atmosphere and the start of the first year of basic customer information was heralded. 

In brief, the results were as follows:

1.) Priority dissemination of the page www.osmium-identification-code.com to prevent attempts to counterfeit osmium.

2.) Customs agreements will be concluded with the world's leading nations for the period up to 2021.

3.) A teaching portal specifically for customs authorities is to be set up in 2019 with the aim of recognising osmium when crossing a border.

4.) International press relations are to be homogenized via the Osmium World Council.

5.) The press review on the page www.osmium-world-council.com launches into the public sphere.


Pictures 2019

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