Osmium is the eighth and last precious metal.

OSMIUM belongs to the platinum metals group and is considered the rarest non-radioactive element in the world.

Osmium is an investment and jewellery metal. It is traded exclusively in its crystalline form, since all other forms such as raw osmium as a sponge form a toxic oxide. Osmium in its crystalline form is not only stable but is also considered to be the noblest of precious metals, as it cannot be attacked by substances that dissolve other precious metals.

It has outstanding properties that make it special. The emerging market has to be educated about osmium. This task is performed by the OSMIUM World Council. 


Osmium market

The international market for crystalline osmium is subject to special regulations, some of which differ from the traditional structure known from silver, gold and platinum.

  1. Osmium is absolutely counterfeit-proof compared to all other metals.
  2. Each piece of osmium is stored in a worldwide database together with an Osmium Identification Code and a photographic scan of the crystalline surface.
  3. The osmium price is a spot price which is not yet traded on stock exchanges.
  4. Osmium is an insider tip for investors with an investment strategy of 10 years or more.

The precious metal has different nicknames, such as "The Next Generation Metal" or "The Sunshine Element" and many other names that have emerged in recent years and can be found in publications.

Osmium, being introduced to the market, first undergoes a certification process at the "Osmium Insitut für Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH" in Germany.

The international distribution is carried out by a group of osmium institutes, which each import osmium into their country and then trade it via a wholesale partner structure.

Osmium institutes are privately organized and are not subject to state control. Each institute is economically independent and autonomous.


Osmium World Council
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Osmium is the eighth and last precious metal.